Thursday, 14 March 2019

Reasons why Pool Fencing For Sale Melbourne is at an all-time high

Getting a pool installed at your place guarantees the best of times. It brings a family closer together where they can lounge, play, have parties, invite friends and family over and what not. With the benefits and good times, swimming pools also pose a huge threat to toddlers if precautionary steps are not taken. Pool fences have been made compulsory by the Australian government and that too for the safety of the public. There are many retailers who have pool fencing for sale in Melbourne and you should definitely check them out if you do not have any protection around your pool.

The Australian government released its Accident Drowning Report in 2015 and drowning was the 3rd highest cause of deaths 1-14 year old children. It nearly impossible to supervise your children at all times because one has to take care of house chores, job and what not but measures should be taken so no harm may come to them. Swimming pools even if not filled with water pose can be harmful for yourself and your children. While playing children usually get adventurous and without realizing the repercussions of their actions, they look for thrills and adventures. If a parent or a person of authority has forbidden them from something, it automatically becomes the most desirable activity to be done. While running, they may fall in a dry pool and injure themselves and in the dark so can an adult. The possibilities of getting seriously injured by a pool are many.

Apart from potential dangers for humans, unfenced pools are also extremely dangerous for pets. In 2013 a report suggested that up to 300 dogs drowned in swimming pools annually, which is an alarming figure. While you may not have pets or children at your place, you may be of the view that there is no need for pool fencing at your place but you must host parties or social events? People or guests who come to visit your place might have guests and kids and in-between the distractions of a party it can be sufficiently hard to keep tabs on children and people’s pets.

Another situation that pool fencing can protect you against is slipping incidents. The surface around a pool is more often than not slippery and wet. Even if it is an adult who is walking or running, the chances of slipping around the edge and falling into the pool are significantly high. One does not keep heed of these things when getting a pool installed because the excitement is too much to handle and it is easy to get carried away in it. The decision made by the government in its entirety is a very wise one because it takes into consideration all aspects and possible scenarios.

You can use various materials as fences varying from wood, metal and glass. All of these provide their own level of aesthetics and you can choose what you think suits best in your yard. Although we do advise the use of glass fencing that adds a certain level of elegance and style in any property. The fence can be frameless and semi frameless, but both will look impressive. Pool fencing for sale in Melbourne is at an all-time high because of its high demand. You should set up a consultation with a retailer as soon as possible to get the best rate and design.


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